Online Cash for Gold Consumer Report & Reviews

Selling your gold isn’t easy. You’ve probably heard some horror stories about a couple companies in the cash for gold industry the past several years, where some mail-in gold services pay you next to nothing for your valuables and basically hold you ransom.

Selling to a local jeweler isn’t much better: you’re at their mercy when evaluating the gold, plus they have to pay expensive overhead to run their business (so they don’t pay you much either).

Despite the bad, there are some honest, reputable online dealers with fair payouts for your gold. To find the best, we sent identical packages to 7 of the top online gold buyers – this website describes our interaction with each company and the amount they offered for the gold.

Our FREE Cash for Gold Company Reports include:

  • Payout: How much did each company offer us?
  • Insurance: How much is your package insured for when sending it?
  • Return period: How long does it take for you to get paid?
  • Shipping: What service do they use? Do they provide you with everything you need?
  • BBB Rating: How trustworthy is the company?
  • Customer Service: Was the company easy to deal with? Were they responsive?
Company NameInsurancePayment AMTBBB
GuaranteeYear In
Check &
Payment Amount

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$5000$158.12A30 Days3 Yrs
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$ 158.12

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$5000$146.65A+30 Days12 Yrs
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$ 146.65

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$1000$119.77A+10 Days11 Yrs
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$ 119.77

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$1000$96.85A+15 Days2 Yrs
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$ 96.85

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$2500$75.81A+14 Days19 Yrs
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$ 75.81

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$1000$54.77A-12 Days2 Yrs
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$ 54.77
Cash for Gold USA
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$1000$61.02Not Accredited14 Days6 Yrs
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$ 61.02

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