Best Gold Prices – Finding the Best Gold Prices Online

2013 wasn’t the best year for gold prices.  Down about 20%, they saw the greatest decline in years.  This has taken the wind out of the sails of a number of gold investors and speculators alike.

In the cash for gold business, you used to hear “it would be crazy to sell gold, it just goes up!” and “it’s the most stable investment!” echoed frequently.  We’ve heard it a lot.  People forget that gold is a commodity just like any other.  It’s based on market demand, and certainly has the potential to decrease in value.

While a number of online gold websites are closing up and gold price trackers aren’t bothering to update anymore.  Thankfully, Best Gold Prices has stepped in and offered tracking systems not just for the current market price of gold, but also what some online gold buyers are paying as well.

The price of gold tracker uses global market prices for ounces of gold.

The online gold buyer tracker compiles sites like ours and tests run at other reputable review sites like top online gold buyers to determine who is likely to be paying the highest prices for gold.

If you had sold your gold to one of our major companies at the beginning of 2013 rather than now, you would have gotten an extra 20%.  Sometimes it does pay to sell gold!  Despite that, these companies are working hard to be as efficient as possible and give you the highest price for gold that they can.

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