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2013 wasn’t the best year for gold prices.  Down about 20%, they saw the greatest decline in years.  This has taken the wind out of the sails of a number of gold investors and speculators alike.

In the cash for gold business, you used to hear “it would be crazy to sell gold, it just goes up!” and “it’s the most stable investment!” echoed frequently.  We’ve heard it a lot.  People forget that gold is a commodity just like any other.  It’s based on market demand, and certainly has the potential to decrease in value.

While a number of online gold websites are closing up and gold price trackers aren’t bothering to update anymore.  Thankfully, Best Gold Prices has stepped in and offered tracking systems not just for the current market price of gold, but also what some online gold buyers are paying as well.

The price of gold tracker uses global market prices for ounces of gold.

The online gold buyer tracker compiles sites like ours and tests run at other reputable review sites like top online gold buyers to determine who is likely to be paying the highest prices for gold.

If you had sold your gold to one of our major companies at the beginning of 2013 rather than now, you would have gotten an extra 20%.  Sometimes it does pay to sell gold!  Despite that, these companies are working hard to be as efficient as possible and give you the highest price for gold that they can.

The Best Way To Sell Gold in 2014 and Turn a Massive Profit

Best Options For Selling Gold in 2014

sell gold in 2014There are a few things to consider if you are looking to sell gold in 2014.  Look we know that selling your gold isn’t always easy.  I’m sure you have heard many awful horror stories about companies who offer to pay you cash for your unwanted gold, only to basically hold you ransom by offering you peanuts for your precious metals.  Believe me, I’ve heard them all too.  That is why you have to make sure that you are properly prepared to sell your gold in 2014.

 Should You Sell Gold In 2014 To Your Local Jeweler?

There are a couple ways to go if you are looking to sell gold in 2014.  One of the easiest options you have is to go to your local jeweler.  While the convenience of this option seems like it would make it the ideal solution, that is not always the case.  Often times when you go to the local jewelry store, you are at the mercy of the store owner or person appraising your gold.  They know you are there to sell your gold.  You wouldn’t have brought it in with the intention of leaving with it.  So quite often, the jeweler will give you lower numbers than your gold is actually worth.  They the expensive overhead of running the store, so they have to make the most money with each deal.

 Selling Gold in 2014 Online

selling gold in 2014Another option you have if you really want to sell gold in 2014 is to find a reputable online dealer.  This option may scare some people away with the thought of trusting that someone will pay you once you send in your gold, but if you do your research you will find that there are plenty of very solid, reputable cash for gold dealers online.  We actually put some of the best cash for gold dealers online to the test by sending identical packages to 7 of the top online gold buyers.  You can see the results of our test here.


If you are looking to sell gold in 2014, make sure you do your research and find the best possible solution that will suit your needs.  Many times online cash for gold buyers will pay more than the “mom and pop” local jewelry stores will.  It’s just a matter of finding the right online gold buyers who have a reputation of being trustworthy and fair.

Selling Gold Jewelry

Selling Gold JewelryWhether you are looking to make money from the jewelry you no longer wear or have some items that are broken, selling gold jewelry is an excellent way to make money. Most people have acquired several pieces of jewelry over their lifetime and some have no use for it. This leads to people taking their jewelry down to the local pawnshop and accepting a much lower offer than what their gold is actually worth. While pawnshops have been a great resource in the past, the Internet has allowed us to have more opportunities when it comes to selling gold.

Find A Gold Buyer

If you are like many who are selling their gold, it is likely that you will want to earn as much money as possible. Different online gold buyers pay their customers different percentages for the value of the gold that they send in. Websites like our can help you find which gold buyer is currently paying the most money. While the average payout is an important factor you should look at when finding a gold buyer, there are also other factors that should be included in your decision. Some of these things include insurance value and return policies. Finding the best gold buyer for your situation will lead to a better overall experience. Use the gold buyer reviews on this site to find the best gold buyer for you.

Calculate The Value Of Your Gold

By knowing the amount of gold content that you have in your jewelry, you can know about what to expect when the valuation comes. There are multiple ways in which you can find the value of your gold. Gold calculators are available online and you just need to enter the purity and weight of your gold and a price will be given. The price will be based on the current price of gold at the time. Because most gold is not 100% gold (24k), it can be difficult to simply weigh your jewelry. Despite the inaccuracy, it is still wise to have an estimate, so taking your items to jewelers and pawnshops in your area will only give you more of an idea of what to expect. It can also show you the difference in what pawnshops are willing to pay compared to online gold buyers.

If you are planning on selling gold jewelry online, then be sure to find the best buyer for your situation and understand the value of your items. There are also many other items that contain gold, including dental scrap, electronic components, and coins. Online gold buyers will purchase all of these items and they are a good way to earn even more cash for gold when you are sending in your jewelry. These online gold buyers are quickly gaining a reputation for being the best option when it come to selling gold jewelry because of the amount of money that they pay out.

How To Sell Gold Online

How To Sell Gold OnlineWhen selling gold, most people think of going down to their local pawnshop and taking whatever little money they will give. While this has become the norm for many who sell gold, the Internet is now allowing people to reach more gold buyers and ultimately earn more cash for gold. Online gold buyers are a much better option because of the money you will make, along with the convenience of the transaction. If you are one of those who are unfamiliar with selling gold online, below you can find an outline of the process.

1. Find The Best Gold Buyer

With gold buyers all offering a similar process, they try to separate themselves from the competition by offering promotions and incentives to persuade customers to use their service over another. Because of this, you will need to find out what is most important to you. Things like insurance value on packages and return policies are examples of what you will want to look into before determining the best gold buyer for your situation.

2. Package & Ship Gold

Now that you have chosen the buyer that you will be using, the next step will be to acquire a shipping label. This can usually be done through filling out a small form and then having it shipped, or printed at your home. Then you will need to carefully package your gold in an envelope or box. Use packaging materials to ensure that the items will not shift around and break during shipping. Once you have sent in your gold, you just need to wait to hear back from the gold buyer.

3. Sell Gold Online

Once the gold buyer has received your items, you will then be contacted with a valuation. Depending on what the gold buyer’s policies are, you will have a certain amount of time to accept or deny their offer. From here, you may have the option to choose what type of payment method that you would like to receive. If you do not want to sell your gold, deny the valuation, and your items will be sent back to you at no charge.

This is the process that you can expect when working with an online gold buyer. The convenience cannot be matched and once you see the outstanding service that is provided, you will continue to sell gold online and never go back to the pawnshop. With earning more cash for gold, you will understand the great benefits that online gold buyers can provide.

Online Gold Buyer Reviews

Online Gold Buyer ReviewsIn order to earn the most money when selling gold online, it is important to consider what each of the diamond buyers offer, and what you are looking for out of the transaction. While the process that many diamond buyers use is very similar, they still have unique features that make their business stand out amongst the competition. These features are what could persuade you to choose one gold buyer over another. Read below to see how online gold buyer reviews can provide you with great insight and lead to a better overall experience.

Reviewing Gold Buyers

The gold buyers listed on our site have been reviewed by our staff members, who have gone through the process with each of these buyers multiple times. In the reviews, you will see how each buyer operates, and learn what to expect when working with a specific gold buyer. Selling your gold or jewelry to a buyer that has a positive reputation within the community will give yourself a better chance of receiving service that you are content with.

Gold Buyer Features

As it was mentioned above, each gold buyer attempts to set themselves apart from each other by adding unique features into their service to attract more customers. Theses features are what often times is the deciding factor when it comes to selling gold online. An example of one of these features would be something like a 30-day return policy, Someone who is still unsure if they want to sell a piece of jewelry, may opt to choose this service as they know they can get their items back within 30 days of the sale. The amount of insurance on packages is also another common deciding factor. Be sure to use a buyer that offers enough insurance coverage to cover the cost of your gold. Anything can happen during shipping, so it is important to have the full value of your items insured. These are just some of the features that you can look for when going through the different gold buyer reviews.

Sell Your Gold Online

Now that you have read through the reviews and seen what each gold buyer has to offer, you can decide which buyer to use. Beginning the online gold selling process generally starts with acquiring a shipping label from the buyer at no cost to you. Then simple package your gold and send to the buyer while you wait to here back with a valuation. Once the valuation has been received, it is your decision whether or not to accept the money and sell your gold. This is how easy it is to sell gold online and the additional money that you will make over your local pawnshop will make the short wait worth it.

Cash For Gold Online Quote

When selling your gold jewelry, you are likely looking to earn as much cash for gold as possible. Using a gold buyer with an online quote service may allow you to see which gold buyer is your best option. Receiving a cash for gold online quote will allow you to have estimations to compare to the local gold buyers in your area as well. You will likely find that the online cash for gold quote is generally higher cheap canada goose, but there are some things to watch for when receiving a quote.

Use Accurate Information
If you do not know the purity and weight of your gold, you likely will not be able to get an accurate quote. By providing the online gold buyer with as much information as possible, you can expect your quote to have more validity. Many people get information on their jewelry from the documentation that came with their items when they were purchased.

Compare Multiple Gold Quotes
While quotes can be very beneficial to you earning the most money for your gold cheap canada goose, they can also lead people to false hopes if mistakes canada goose sale, like the one above are made. Be sure to get your cash for gold online quote from one place. You can also consider pawnshops in your area to see what they might offer. Now you can compare the quotes and find an average along with any outliers.

Sell Gold
The gold quotes are just one tool to use when looking for the best gold buyer. You can find out more from our gold buyer reviews canada goose outlet, along with other information on the blog. After getting insight on the different gold buyers, you should now be ready to sell your gold jewelry. Look at which buyers’ service appeals to you the most along with taking their quote into consideration. Then follow the process for that gold buyer and you should have your cash for gold in no time.

Where To Sell Diamonds Online

Selling gold online is becoming increasingly more popular as people are taking advantage of the convenience that the Internet can provide, along with the higher payouts that online gold buyers give. While gold is a very common item for people to sell, selling diamonds online can be another great option for those with diamond jewelry that they are looking to get rid of. The process is very similar to selling gold online and many of the diamond buyers also accept gold so you will be compensated for that as well.

Online Diamond Buyers

Like gold buyers, online diamond buyers will assess the items that you send in canada goose down bomber jacket with hood Canada Goose coats outlet fake, and then mail a check to your home or wire the money in to a bank account. Below are some of the diamond buyers that we have used in the past and who we would recommend using if you have diamond jewelry to sell.

White Pine Diamonds

Diamond Buyers International


What To Know When Selling Diamonds Online

As I said earlier, the process of selling diamonds online is very similar to selling gold online but there are some things that you should look into before selling. Generally dia

monds are worth more than the gold you would send in, so it is important to find a diamond buyer that will insure the amount that your diamonds are worth. Different diamond buyers have different amounts of coverage on their packages. For security in case something should happen, estimate the value of your diamonds and check what the buyer covers. Should you be unsure of selling your diamonds, then look for a return policy that will allow you to think about the offer and give you time to decide if you want to sell or not. These are just some of the things to look for when selling diamonds online.

Online diamond buyers are trusted organizations that are accredited by the top business accreditations. You should feel comfortable working with these buyers and know that they will provide you with outstanding service that cannot be matched by your other options when it comes to selling diamonds.

Top Gold Buyers

With more people selling their gold canada goose coats quality canada goose authentic outlet, we have tried to provide our readers with tips on how to earn the most cash for gold. One thing that often comes up in our posts is the importance of selecting the right gold buyer for you. We mention looking through the different policies that each gold buyer has and checking out some different reviews before sending in your gold. While each person may be looking for something slightly different in their cash for gold transaction, we have ranked some of the top gold buyers below to give you our thoughts on some of the top gold buyers.

#1 – Just Sell Gold

Just Sell Gold is one of the top gold buyers in the industry for many reasons. They have been in business for only a few years now but have managed to take some of the market away from competitors by offering quality service. With Just Sell Gold, you can expect a quick transaction along with a great payout. One thing we were really pleased with is that they mailed the check out to us in the same day that we agreed to their valuation. The option to print a shipping label is something that other gold buyers do, but it still shows that they are trying to make the process as easy as possible for their customers. We do not have much negative to say about Just Sell Gold, they are a professional organization that provides a great service and that is why they are ranked as our top gold buyer.

#2 – Express Gold Cash

Like Just Sell Gold, Express Gold Cash is another top gold buyer that we would highly recommend using. Express Gold Cash has great customer service and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have before or during the gold selling process. By being the industry for over a decade, Express Gold Cash has a lot of experience. The experience has allowed them to continuously refine their gold selling process into what it is today. They have handled numerous transactions throughout the years and provided customers with great returns on their gold. We are sure that you will not be disappointed using Express Gold Cash and they are another one of the top gold buyers that we would recommend.

I mentioned in the first paragraph the importance of researching a gold buyer before selling gold online. While these two organizations are highly respected and regarded as top gold buyers, they still might not be what you are looking for. Things like the amount of days you have to decide if you want your items returned, may be more important to someone who is on the fence about selling gold online. Look into the different gold buyers and find what is important to you in the transaction. These are just two of the top gold buyers in the industry and we do recommend using them.

Selling Dental Gold Online

Earning cash for gold can bring you lots of money for your old or unwanted jewelry. Like most people, gold jewelry is not something that is easy to acquire and sell for a profit. Fortunately, there are other types of gold that can be easier to acquire and still earn you a good amount of cash for gold. Similar to scrap gold, dental gold has become a very popular for those looking to take advantage of the cash for gold opportunities that are out there.

For More Information On Selling Dental Gold –

Why Sell Dental Gold Online?

As I just mentioned, jewelry is a common item that people sell to cash for gold dealers but it is difficult to come across at a low price. Once you have sold all of your jewelry, you may find it difficult to acquire more and still maintain a profit. Dental gold has less overall value because it is not looked at as art, like jewelry, and therefore not used when it is removed from the person’s mouth. The monetary value of dental gold is no less than jewelry, it just does not have much of a purpose when it is removed. Many people still keep their dental gold making it useless to them and this is where you can purchase it at a low cost. Obviously you will earn more cash for dental gold if you are able to get it for cheaper.

Who Will Buy Dental Gold?

Dental gold is treated no differently than scrap gold. This means that all online gold buyers will be will to purchase your dental gold. Selling dental gold online is no different than if you were to sell any other gold items to the gold buyers listed on our website. Pawnshops and jewelers may be reluctant to buy dental gold because it is not something that will sell in their retail store. Gold buyers purchase dental gold and melt it down to be used in other gold pieces.

Dental Gold Value

Again, selling dental gold online will be no different than selling scrap gold. You will be paid for the amount of gold content that you send in, along with any other precious metals that may be used in your dental gold. The purity of the dental gold will determine how much gold content is in the piece. From there, it will be weighed to find out exactly how much dental gold you have. Once the purity and weight of the dental gold has been determined canada goose down vests on sale canada goose authentic logo, the current market price of gold will dictate how much money the gold buyer can offer you.

Selling dental gold online is a great option for many people. It is one of the easiest gold items to acquire at a low cost allowing you to achieve higher margins than other gold items. Without any functional value, people tend to take anything they can get for dental gold but do not waste their time sending it in to gold buyers because they are unaware of the dental gold value or are just unfamiliar with the process of selling dental gold online.