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Overview: Key Company Information

Express Gold is a strong choice to be classified as the best gold buyer when you look at all of the metrics summarized in the table below. A well-rounded company across the metrics, they provide great service, a long guarantee window, years of industry experience, and most importantly one of the highest payouts in the industry according to our cash for gold company test.

Company NameInsurancePayment AMTBBB
GuaranteeYear In

Visit Site
$5000$146.65A+30 Days12 Yrs

Requesting a Pack

Express Gold Packs can be requested by filling out a simple form online, calling their office, or even over live chat. Unlike most of the other companies in the industry, you’re instantly set up with an account area where you can request multiple packs in the future, track packages, and manage your payments. It’s quite the sophisticated system, and they make organizing your information and tracking your package very easy to manage.

Packaging, Instructions, & Shipping Quality

On the right you can see the silver coin and gold ring we sent Express Gold Cash, plus everything that arrived in our Gold Pack. The Gold pack included:

– Introduction Letter
– Instructions & Packing Brochure
– Bubble Mailer
– FedEx Mailer w/ Prepaid Shipment
– Nearest FedEx Locations
– Plastic Bag for Valuables

Along with Just Sell Gold, they were the only company to provide the free bubble mailer. That’s a big selling point to us, especially if you plan on sending some valuables that might break. Not a big deal if you’re absolutely sure you don’t want them back, but it’s nice to see they are taking the safety of your valuables seriously. Between the plastic bag, bubble mailer, and FedEx guarantee, shipping with Express Gold Cash is one of the safest ways to ship things online.

The pamphlet and instructions provided make everything easy. They make you send a list of the contents to keep things organized, and the prepaid FedEx mailer can be sent just about anywhere.

Ring & Coin from Express Gold Cash

Processing Time & Communication

Express Gold Cash was the second fastest company to complete the process. They had the check to us just one day later than JustSellGold, and the same goes to the final return of our package. The gold and silver was processed the same day it was received, and the check was sent out on the same date as well. We were notified via e-mail during the entire process and always knew what was going on.

We shipped the package on January 5th and it arrived at Express Gold Cash headquarters on January 7th according to the delivery confirmation. Our check was dated on the 7th, and it was postmarked as being sent out on the same day. Same day processing is great service. Our job was done once we shipped the package out – not haggling or answering e-mails or approving things online or over the phone. They simply sent the check as soon as possible to get the cash in our hands.

Check & Payment Amount

Fast service and safe packaging is one thing, but how about the payment amount? Well, it was the second highest of any gold buyer, coming in just a little lower than Just Sell Gold. You can view the actual check they sent us below:

Check received from Express for 4.4 DWT of 14K Gold and a Silver Dollar.

The check for $146.65 was over $40 more than the average gold buyer, and second to Just Sell Gold by a little more than $10. We’re not sure what they pay for both gold and silver because it wasn’t written out, but we’re pretty happy with the amount that they sent without going through a complicated process. With their extra online experience and A+ BBB Rating, this is a solid company that pays a good price for your gold.

Return Process

Express Gold Cash Return PackageAn important measure of customer service is how well they treat us after deciding to return the check and get our gold back. The industry is notorious for low-balling consumers (luckily Express Gold Cash didn’t do that) and making the return process difficult, so we want to make sure this possible part of the process goes smoothly should you change your mind.

Express Gold Cash offers an industry-high 30 day waiting period for you to decide whether or not to accept the check or return it. We waited 20 days to send the check back, well within their time frame. When sending the check back, we called to tell them to expect it and pull our valuables for us. The man I spoke to was very pleasant and straightforward about how to return the check and get the valuables back safely. Just as he said, things were returned quickly, and the gold ring and silver dollar were back in our hands 3 days after we mailed the check back.

$20 bonus from Express Gold CashAnd get this! There was a $20 check in the return package just for us trying their service! They were the only company to do this, and they are obviously serious about their offer to give anyone $20 who sends in the gold and isn’t happy with their price. We didn’t even have to ask for it or remind them of their offer: they just sent it.

Customer Service

The Express Gold Cash customer service representative was as good as it gets when it comes to making it an easy transaction. We just had to speak with one person for a couple minutes to have the process explained, unlike some other experiences where we had to speak with several different people spanning over multiple days. So it was easy and painless, which is what customer service should be.

Our Recommendation

Express Gold Cash has been an online cash for gold service industry later for several years now. With a reputation as a trustworthy company, over 10 years in service, and an A+ BBB Rating, if you’re looking for a trustworthy online gold buyer with a pedigree for happy customers, Express Gold Cash is a great choice. Although they might pay a few dollars less than Just Sell Gold, their high payout rate and great reputation still makes them one of the best buyers online, and we’d recommend them for your use.

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by michael scott on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews

great company. I sold a watch, bracelet, and ring and got a great deal. fast shipping, good service

slow but good

Everything about the company was great. The service was a tad bit slow but other than that it was perfect.


good cash, great service, fast

good value

they gave me a decent amount for my gold, more than what the other companies quoted me so i was happy with that. overall good

Great Experience

I was a bit skeptical about this company beforehand but ultimately decided to use them over Cash for Gold USA and was not disappointed. Great service, fast service, good cash value.

top notch

fantastic service. called and got all the information that I needed. sent in my gold, got what they told me that I would get, and cashed the check without issue. It did take a few days longer than I thought it would but everything else was perfect.

Great Company

What a great business to work with. Fast shipping and phone call explained all of my questions in great detail. Definitely would use again