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Overview: Key Company Information

Gold Fellow has been an industry leader for over a decade, providing a high quality service that has given them much notoriety in the cash for gold industry while many competitors were engaging in questionable practices. Maintaining an A+ BBB Rating over that time, showing a true commitment to customer service, and coming in 3rd in our gold buyer payment amounts makes Gold Fellow a good choice for selling your gold online.

Company NameInsurancePayment AMTBBB
GuaranteeYear In

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$1000$119.77A+10 Days11 Yrs

Requesting a Pack

There are a few different options with Gold Fellow when it comes to starting the gold selling process. You can call or just fill out the form online, and you also get to choose between having them mail you a pack (which is what we did), or just printing out the prepaid label and sending them your gold in your own packaging. Lastly, you’ll choose between a check payment (that’s what we did), Paypal, or a wire transfer that carries a $10 fee. All in all though, pretty standard and easy to get a Gold Fellow pack to your doorstep.

Packaging, Instructions, & Shipping Quality

Our gold test included sending identical gold rings and silver dollars to all of our buyers. The picture of both the package Gold Fellow sent us, and the exact pieces of jewelry we sent them are provided. The Gold Fellow pack included:

– BBB Article
– 9-Step Instructions
– Gold Selling Pamphlet
– FedEx Mailer w/ Prepaid Shipment
– Plastic Bag for Valuables

They didn’t provide a free bubble mailer for a little more security like Express Gold or Just Sell Gold, but obviously there’s nothing stopping you from getting one yourself or adding some extra padding if you’re concerned about having some fragile items.

All in all, they overdo it a little bit with the sales job, but it’s much better to see too much rather than too little I suppose. They really try to get them to trust you with the BBB printout and full-color pamphlet, and overall it’s a nice little presentation (not very nice for trees though). The 9-step guide again is making things a little overly dramatic, as really you’re just collecting your items and mailing them out. But, like we said, better too many instructions than not enough.

Gold Fellow was only one of three companies to provide the full-size FedEx mailer, which we really like. It cuts down and noise and gives you plenty of storage space for your valuables.

Processing Time & Communication

Gold Fellow also got into contact with us very quickly after receiving our Gold Pack. Shipped on the 5th, we received an e-mail from them on the 10th with an offer to purchase our gold. I had to call them up to request they send the check before we could make a final determination on selling to them, but they were very accommodating and got the check written and mailed out to us on the 11th.

With only a 10-day guarantee, we couldn’t hold on to the check too long before deciding on accepting or rejecting the offer, but it was nice that they were able to send it to us very quickly so we could make the decision with the actual check in our hands.

Check & Payment Amount

The offer they had e-mailed us, and ended up sending on the check is the 3rd highest payout offer we received from the 7 cash for gold companies that we tested. You can view the check they sent us below:

Check received from for 4.4 DWT of 14K Gold and a Silver Dollar.

Gold Fellow’s offer of $119.77 ranked 3rd among online gold buyers, coming in a little over $25 less than our 2nd place company and $37 less than our highest paying offer. That being said, they were much higher than the average payout of around $101.85.

Their payment offer of $106.57 for the 14K gold ring was actually very competitive even with the top companies, but they offered one of the lowest amounts for our silver coin (only $13 compared to $30 for some companies. This suggests that if you have a bunch of gold to get rid of, they are actually much closer to the highest paying gold buyers, but if you’ve got silver you want to sell as well, you’ll probably do better selling elsewhere.

Return Process

The reason we chose to have the gold buyers send us checks rather than use paypal or approve it online, is that’s pretty easy to do. Selling gold gets even easier if those are available to you, but we really wanted to put the customer service at each company to the test to see what kind of patience they would have with us.

Return Package from GoldFellow.comOn the 19th we called to let them know we had decided not to accept the check, and figure out how to go about sending it back. After a short discussion with a couple different people, it was decided we would send the check back to them, and they would pull the items for us and return them when the check was received. Getting the items back went smoothly, since she made sure to set them aside so we could get our products returned. They came back in great condition only a week or so after we had sent back the check, with the return packaging being mailed on the 26th.

Customer Service

After speaking with the initial customer service representative for a few moments about our order, we were transferred to a manager to discuss what my payment expectations were. Both people were very professional and easy to talk to. After my expectations were too high, she didn’t make an offer to raise their offer (which is really fine by me – I’d prefer just to get the best price first), and just gave me instructions to send the check back. She was very nice and understanding, and we’d give the Gold Fellow team two thumbs up on how they dealt with our situation.

Our Recommendation

Gold Fellow was very easy to work with and gave us a price well above the average in the industry. You probably won’t get the most cash for your gold if you work with Gold Fellow, but if you’re willing to sacrifice 10-20% of the payout, you certainly won’t be disappointed with how simple the process is or how you’ll be treated by their service professionals.

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nice company

good t work with. good money, servise ok, would do again

by Margaret-Jones on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews
Didn't use

I was going to try and sell my necklace to this company but the customer service was so bad that I didn't even bother sending in the jewelry.

Slow but good

a got a decent amount for my gold, but the service was very slow. overall, not a bad place to go, although i wish i had found this site first.