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Overview: Key Company Information

Below is the summary of the key company information when it comes to Gold Stash. They’ve been in the business longer than any of the other companies we tested with nearly 2 decades of service. Their BBB Rating is fantastic and their return guarantee about average, just falling short in the all-important category of the amount of cash they pay for gold.

Company NameInsurancePayment AMTBBB
GuaranteeYear In

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$2500$75.81A+14 Days19 Yrs

Requesting a Pack

Like many of the other companies, you can either call them up to request a pack, or fill out their simple form online. They also do events and travel along the southern US, so if you take a look at their website you might be able to find an event where you can sell to them in person.

Packaging, Instructions, & Shipping Quality

Gold Stash’s mailers contain everything we’ve displayed over on the right for you. In addition, you can take a look at the 14k gold ring that we sent them, along with the silver dollar. The Gold Mailer included:

– Directions
– Item Description Sheet
– Nearby Shipping Locations
– Prepaid Shipping Label
– Plastic Bag for Valuables
– $100 Bonus Card

The most annoying thing was what wasn’t in this one – and that’s an actual mailer. They provided us with the prepaid shipping label, but nothing to attach it on. It was on paper too, as opposed to some kind of peel off label that at least would have helped. So, we needed to go purchase our own bubble mailer, cut out the label, and tape it to the mailer to get the package on its way. No, this isn’t all that difficult, but when you compare it to the top companies who give you everything you need, those extra steps and burning an extra hour of your time sure seem annoying.

Other than that, the instructions were complete, item description sheet pretty standard, and again it was nice to have a couple local shipping locations. Again, no postage is required and they give you everything you need to go inside the package, but you’ve just got to find the packaging for yourself.

Gold Stash Ring & Coin
Gold Stash Gold Kit

Processing Time & Communication

While Just Sell Gold was able to get a check out to us on the 6th, Gold Stash tied for second fastest by getting our check out on the 9th (it was probably the same day, as they are a little further away from us). So, they got the package processed extremely quickly, the check written, and sent out all on the first day they got it. That’s the way it should be, so we’re happy they can get things processed so quickly.

There was no communication at this point in the transaction. They did not contact us about an offer, just shipping things as quickly as they could. Again, based on your preferences, this is a nice way to get your cash as fast as possible and not have to worry about playing phone or e-mail tag to approve your payment.

Check & Payment Amount

While we ended up receiving the payment less than a week after we shipped out our gold, the offer we received was one of the lower amounts. You can view the actual check they sent us below:

Check received from for 4.4 DWT of 14K Gold and a Silver Dollar.

Their offer of $75.81 made them the 3rd lowest offer we received, well below the $101 average, and just above the two poor experiences with CashforGoldCo and Cash for Gold USA. The itemized payment attached showed they paid a relatively high rate for the silver we sent: $25.88 for the silver dollar, compared to $30 for the highest paying jewelry buyer. However, the $49.93 offer for the 14k gold ring was less than half of the amount that our top 3 gold buyers offered.

Return Process

From the check date on 1/9, we had a 14-day window to notify them we did not want to accept the offer and get our jewelry back. Along with the check came a nice letter with a phone number and additional information to do exactly that if we chose not to accept the offer.

On 1/19 we called that number, as we wanted to be sure we made the call after a few days, but obviously not before the 14-day period they gave us. The customer service representative told me she didn’t take care of the returns and that someone would return my call later that day. No one returns my call that day.

Return Package from GoldStash.comThe next morning (1/20), we call back again and talk to the same person. She says that the person that takes care of that kind of thing wasn’t in yesterday, but she would be in today and would give me a call. For such a small operation, it seems odd she wouldn’t know the other person wasn’t in the office the day before, but I guess it isn’t too big a deal if she calls me back today.

Several hours later I do finally get a call from the other person. She pulled the items for us and the check was promptly sent back to them.

Customer Service

The initial lack of communication was a concern, as they should have informed us that we shouldn’t expect a call back from the returns person that day. We should never have to call twice in a row to make things happen. So, someone messed up there.

That being said, the returns manager was very polite and understanding. She dealt with our desire to return the items very quickly and professionally, and once we were able to get her on the phone it was a quick and painless process.

Our Recommendation

Gold Stash did nothing to sweep us off our feet. Their service was alright, but in the end nothing special. Their experience and BBB Rating are attractive, so it’s likely you’ll have a pretty good experience with them, but it’s nothing special. The biggest problem here is the payout amount. Their offer was for just over 50% of our highest paying online gold buyer, and well below the industry average. It’s for this reason we can’t recommend you work with this company if you want to get a fair deal for your gold and jewelry.

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 5 reviews
by Debbie Starks on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews
New Company Name "GoldSteal"

Submitted ALOT of jewelry and flatware to GoldStash on 4/25/2014....8 weeks later and I have received nothing from GoldStash. I have no idea where my jewelry is and I have never received a check. I have tried contacting the company and the phone disconnects...the owner will not call me back...I verify that he has read my emails but he will not email me back. Also, I contacted the BBB in Arizona and they have an F rating....91 complaints in 3 years. The BBB has told them to take the A+ rating off of their website but they refuse....AGAIN I LEARNED A HARD LESSON...DO NOT DO ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH GOLDSTASH!!! I only gave them 1 star because I had to in order to submit my review...I would give them no stars if I could!

by Gail L Taylor on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews
terrible service.

I waited over a month to finally hear from this outfit.After daily emails and phone calls(there mailbox was always full) I contacted the BBB of Arizona.Finally today I have heard from them and they said they will send a check out Monday(low).I

by Tina Cretens on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews

Do not send anything into I did in November 2013, and of yet have failed to receive my jewelry or my check as of 1-10-14. No one will answer my calls, return my calls or emails. Got the BBB involved, next will be my Attorney. They are nothing but a bunch of thieves!!

Do not use this company

I would recommend not to use Gold Stash for Cash. GSFC sent a check that was returned NSF. They will not return phone calls or answer emails.

by Sarah Miller on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews
Great to work with

I used Gold Stash to sell my stuff and it was a great experience. I got a reference from Dave Ramsey, and he was can trust these guys. They paid me the most for my chains. I did shop around first, and went back to Gold Stash. I highly recommend them. And, they gave me an extra bonus.