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Overview: Key Company Information

The table below summarizes what you need to know when working with Just Sell Gold. While they are relatively new to the industry, they don’t have any complaints, offer a higher-than-average 20 day return period, and provide great packaging to go with their free FedEx labels. Most importantly, of course, is JustSellGold.com pays the highest price of all the websites we tested, and is our recommended provider when selling your unwanted gold and silver online.

Company NameInsurancePayment AMTBBB
GuaranteeYear In

Visit Site
$5000$158.12A30 Days3 Yrs

Requesting a Pack

Free Gold Packs can be requested online or over the phone. You can either print a prepaid FedEx label right off their website, or request that all the information be sent to you. If you just print it online, you need to provide your own packaging, but it’s still free and even faster than having them mail you a pack. That being said, we requested they send us a pack, and it was sent out the same day, arriving on our doorstep the next day. Now that’s fast!

Packaging, Instructions, & Shipping Quality

On the right you can see the silver coin and gold ring we sent JustSellGold, along with all the material they provided us in the Gold Pack. The Gold pack included:

– Introduction Letter
– Instructions & Packing Brochure
– Bubble Mailer
– FedEx Mailer w/ Prepaid Shipment
– Plastic Bag for Valuables

We really like the fact that they provide a free bubble mailer for extra protection during shipping. JustSellGold and Express Gold Cash were the only two companies to do this. Not only can you pack your valuables in the plastic bag and FedEx mailer, but you’ve got an extra layer of protection with the padded mailer.

The instructions are clear and pretty simple. Just list everything you’ve included in the package and drop the prepaid mailer in any FedEx box. No postage is required, as they’ve already put a prepaid label on the outside of the FedEx shipping folder.

Shipment from Just Sell Gold

Processing Time & Communication

Just Sell Gold had the fastest turnaround time of all the online gold buyers. Instead of just trying to contact you with an offer or haggling with you on a payout, they immediately process your gold upon receiving it and get a check sent out the same day. Of course you’re notified via e-mail via shipment as well.

Our packages were shipped out on January 5th and arrived at Just Sell Gold on January 6th. Our check was dated on the 6th, and our check was postmarked as being sent on the 6th as well. Same day turnaround is pretty awesome in our book. Without so much as lifting a finger or making a phone call after sending our gold out, we had a check in our hands 2 days later.

Check & Payment Amount

The only thing better than the fact that they were the fastest to get the check in our hands was that the check they sent was a higher payment than what anyone else offered. You can view the actual check below:

Check received from JustSellGold.com for 4.4 DWT of 14K Gold and a Silver Dollar.

The payment of $158.12 was over $10 more than the next highest paying gold buyer. Their offer of $128.12 for the gold was easily the highest compared to any of their competitors, and the $30 offer for the silver was also tied for the highest when it comes to payouts.

Return Process

Now that we had the check from them, it was time to see how easy it was to get our gold back. With so many complaints about the industry essentially holding your valuables random, we wanted to make sure they held true to their claim that it would be easy to get our gold returned.

Return package from Just Sell GoldWe waited 16 days to send the check back to them, which is well within their 20 day guarantee. We also called them to inform them that we had decided to send the check back, and they were very understanding (just instructing us to send the check back). Again, there was a very fast turnaround, and our gold ring and silver dollar were in the exact same condition as when we sent them. 3 days after we mailed the check back, our gold was safely back in our mailbox (as you can see, it was shipped on the 24th).

Customer Service

As you might guess from how smooth the process went, the customer service reps at Just Sell Gold were very understanding when it came to getting my jewelry returned. No long back and forth with them trying to change the price, no transfers to two or three different people, no multiple phone calls over several days. Very nice guys, and after just a minute of talking about it they promised to set aside my valuables and get them back to me as soon as the check arrived. And that’s exactly what they did. Fast, simple, pleasant – couldn’t ask for a happier customer service experience.

Our Recommendation

Just Sell Gold paid the highest amount for the gold and silver package that we sent them. With great ratings, positive customer reviews around the web, and a very respectable BBB Rating, we’re happy to endorse Just Sell Gold after our experience with them.

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 8 reviews
by sara bierfass on Top 7 Cash for Gold Reviews
sara bierfass

i hope this is for real and i get money to pay much needed bills


I used JSG after reading all of ur reviews. thx for the writeups, it helped a lot.

peace and luv

great company

I was offered $749.35 by this company after going to a pawn store where I was offered $525. Would work with them again.


i've sold gold twice before and this company was the best that i've used. fast service, great customer help, and gave me quite a bit for my gold. great experience

real company

def not a scam. got a decent amount for my old engagement ring. they actually bought the gold and the diamond so i got rid of all of it at once sooo awesome. anyway, would def recommend.

Good Service, Good Quality

I made a quick call to check on pricing, and they couldn't really give me prices over the phone which I was disappointed about...but the actual service was good. Good company, got a good deal, all is good.

Quick Shipping

I did call this company before I sent in my gold just to make sure that they were legit. The customer service rep was somewhat helpful, and at least made me feel comfortable dealing with them. The part I was really impressed with was their shipping speed. They mailed stuff out same-day which made things so much easier.

Just As Described

Thanks for doing this write-up on all the companies. I went with Just Sell Gold here based on your recommendation, and everything went EXACTLY as it is shown here. Good safe packaging, very fast. Thanks again