Sell Your Gold

Overview: Key Company Information came in with a payment right in the middle of the gold industry. Despite paying a little less and having less than ideal packaging, their customer service representatives were very pleasant to deal with and made the process a stress-free one.

Company NameInsurancePayment AMTBBB
GuaranteeYear In

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$1000$96.85A+15 Days2 Yrs

Requesting a Pack’s “Appraisal Kit” can be requested online or via their toll free number, making getting the kit shipped to you pretty easy. They don’t have an option to print a label instantly and take care of it yourself, so you’ll have to wait for the Appraisal Kit to send in your jewelry.

Packaging, Instructions, & Shipping Quality

In the top image on the right you can see the exact gold ring and silver coin we sent to SellYour Gold, and below that is a picture of all the material they provided us in the Appraisal Kit. The gold pack included:

– Introduction Letter
– Instructions & Packing Brochure
– Prepaid FedEx Bag & Label
– Printout of 5 Closest FedEx Drop Boxes
– Plastic Bag for Valuables

The materials and instructions provided here were a little less detailed and sophisticated than some of the other top cash for gold companies (or as pretty), but it was certainly enough to get the job done. Standard packaging instructions and forms, and enough to get everything mailed. The downside here is they use the waterproof bag for the shipments, which is something we don’t really like. The packaging is rather flimsy, and you can hear the gold clanking whenever the package moves. If you’re going to use one of these companies that uses this form of shipment, it would be a good idea to wrap the gold to prevent damage.

The addition of the local FedEx locations is a nice touch, because if you don’t use them frequently it can be a little difficult to find them.

Ring & Dollar sent to sell your gold Appraisal Kit

Processing Time & Communication

After shipping the prepaid package on January 5th, we were contacted on the 11th with an offer via e-mail. It seems this is the way that they generally conduct business, which seems like a good way to go about it. After receiving the offer via e-mail, you’ve got a choice to accept or reject the offer, and either be issued a check, paid online, or have your items returned. After speaking with a customer service representative about not being sure, she happily cut us a check and made sure we were aware that we only had 10 days to decide whether or not we wanted to keep the cash or request that our items be returned.

Check & Payment Amount did not itemize the costs of the gold and silver like several of the other gold buyers did, but they did end up paying the 4th most of the 7 we purchased. Placed right in the middle, they were just a few dollars short of the average. The actual check we received from them is below:

Check received from for 4.4 DWT of 14K Gold and a Silver Dollar.

With a payment of $96.85, was not one of the highest offers we received, but it certainly wasn’t one of the lowest ones either. If you’re going after the highest payment for your gold and silver, there are a couple other companies worth looking at first.

Return Process

It’s pretty unlikely they had many transactions like ours. The typical process is just to have the offer approved or denied instantly online so they can take care of the transaction quickly. Instead, we tested the return process, getting the actual check in our hands before deciding to return it and get our valuables back.

Return Package from SellYourGold.comWe called on 1/19 (just in time for our 10 day window) and spoke with someone who helped us go through the process. She had to find someone to get things done because it wasn’t something they typically dealt with, but it didn’t take long and once we knew what needed to happen, it went pretty smoothly. After speaking with a manager who explained the process and why they can offer what they do in a little more detail, we were given instructions on how to get our gold back.

Sending the check back would have been fine, but they let us void the check, take pictures, rip it into 3 pieces, take pictures, and send them the pictures instead. If you’ve got a camera or scanner this was honestly much more convenient and faster than sending the check back. Of course, sending it back would have been fine too – plus, this isn’t anything you’re really going to have to worry about anyways. We just wanted to make sure they would do what it takes to make it easy on us (and they did).

Customer Service

The first time we called there was a short time we were on hold – not too big a deal – but everything after that couldn’t have been handled better. From being upfront about the “we melt it down in 10 days” policy without us even asking about it to taking the time to explain pricing to us, to making it easy for us to get our gold and silver back, we couldn’t have been happier with our interaction with

After sending over the scanned pictures of the ripped up check, we received notification that the package had been processed and was on its way back to us that afternoon. The items arrived unharmed. The best customer service might be the companies you never need to talk to, but if you must speak with support and service, this company does a fantastic job and sets the standard for how other companies should try to perform.

Our Recommendation

As you have probably gathered, we really liked working with They were easy to talk to, attended to our needs, and made the process very painless and hassle-free. That being said, the highest paying gold buyers paid more than 50% more for our gold than they did. So, while we recommend that you work with them, we also recognize that it makes a lot more sense to work with one of the companies that pays a higher price. The fact that they only paid $96.85 compared to over $158 for the highest paying buyer means at the end of the day, there are better options out there if you’re trying to get the most cash for your gold.